First entry!

This is the first entry in my blog about technical editing. I have never used WordPress before and am starting this blog as part of an assignment for my web-based documentation course.

I was a little confused by the process at first; when I tried to set up my blog I seemed to be caught in a loop of Steps 1 to 3. Once I realized that I had to confirm my email address first, then I was able to post new entries.

I want to write about technical editing because it is an aspect of technical communication that I find quite interesting. Much of what we do as technical writers is to some extent technical editing — taking content from functional specifications and translating it into language that typical users can understand. Keeping the audience in mind is always important. If the language is not geared towards the people who are reading the material, the documentation experience will be frustrating and disappointing for the user.

Here is a link to the Technical Editing Special Interest Group (SIG) — a part of the STC. It is an excellent group to join if you are interested in technical editing:



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