My name is Gillian Campbell and I am finishing up my technical writing certificate. I decided to take this program because, although I started my career as a technical writer, I wanted to update my skills after having taken a break from full-time work to look after my young children. When I started planning to resume my career, I decided that taking the technical writing program would be an excellent way for me to update my skills. I have always loved working with the English language — after I graduated from high school, I did my Bachelor of Arts degree (honours) in English Language and Literature at Queen’s.

Before taking time off to be with my children, I worked as a technical writer for Newbridge Networks (bought by Alcatel) and Nortel Networks. While “at home” I did some contract work for Alcatel, editing some of their marketing collateral and I also edited two non-fiction books and proofread two fiction books. These editing jobs were a great way to keep my mind a little bit engaged in my field.

This past summer, I started working part time as a copy editor for a community newspaper. My job is to edit the articles (written by volunteer members of the community), making sure that the articles stay true to the author’s voice while at the same time reflecting the style of the newspaper. A challenge I really enjoy!


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